Western Illinois Society of the Archaeological Institute of America
Receives Its Charter

At  the 1999 annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Dallas, Texas,  Western Illinois Society was awarded its charter. Acquisition of this charter, which requires that a society have at least fifty members, represents a fifteen year effort on the part of many people in western Illinois and assures the society's long-term viability. The society can now count on annual AIA lectures in western Illinois far into the new millennium.

Click here to see a copy of the charter.
Click here to read a newsrelease from Monmouth College.

Several activities are planned to celebrate the charter this March.

The society will sponsor an AIA Centennial display in the Hewes Library of Monmouth College during the month of March. This exhibit features activities of both local societies and the central AIA and demonstrates the AIA's long-standing interaction with congress and federal agencies.

In conjunction with Prof. Borza’s lectures on Monday, March 6, 2000, at Monmouth College, the Western Illinois Society will celebrate its charter with a subscription dinner before the evening lecture. At this dinner, the charter will be on display and a short ceremony is planned to present the charter formally to Dr. Richard Giese, President of Monmouth College.

For further information about any of these activities, contact Tom Sienkewicz at Monmouth College.

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